From the school house to the court house, the odds seem to be pervasively stacked against the Black male.  Unemployment rates, school drop-out rates, income levels and incarceration rates of Black males, as compared with White males and Black females, are clear indicators of the challenges they face... The good news is that these odds can be overcome by putting constructive strategies to work."
                                                          -Norma Joy Barnes, Priority Male Program Founder

The goal of the Priority Male Initiative is to provide resources that will help young black men, between the ages of 18-28, reach their full potential, academically, vocationally, economically, and personally. This is accomplished by providing training and resources that aid in improving the quality of life, through free workshops conducted in economically marginalized communities; a 26-week structured job readiness program; a mentoring program; a job squad, and a counseling and referral center.

Priority Male Institute
The Priority Male Institute is a free 26-week career and personal development program for Black males between the ages of 18-28. If you are interested in enrolling in this program, please answer each question, and include any remarks regarding your personal and career advancement needs. There are no right or wrong answers. This information will assist us in meeting your specific career development needs.

You may download the application below and mail it to:
Priority Male Institute
Community Council of Metropolitan Atlanta, Inc.
80 Walnut Street, Suite 103
Atlanta, GA 30314

You may also fax the application to (404) 935-5859 or
email it to:

Overcoming the Odds: Success Strategies for Young
Black Men

The free workshop series provides key life lessons and resources to young Black males, between the ages of 18 and 28, and are conducted at public libraries in metropolitan Atlanta and surrounding areas. Each session includes the PMI workshop, “Five Steps to Success”, lunch, an open forum and a keynote speech.  In 2008, eleven (11) workshops were held in Fulton and DeKalb counties, with 178 persons in attendance. In 2009, 11 workshops were held in Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton and Bibb counties, with 132 persons in attendance.

Upcoming Workshops: TBA

The Priority Male Institute (PMI)
The PMI is a 26-week career development and life skills program for young Black males, between the ages of 18 and 28, and includes personalized assessments, structured classes, workshops, field trips, life skill coaches, mentoring and other activities.  Twelve young males were enrolled in the Priority Male Institute during the 2008-2009 session, with 10 graduating on March 13, 2009. Two PMI graduates, including an ex-felon, enrolled in college as a result of the PMI. The Atlanta Journal Constitution wrote and published an article on the accomplishment of this graduate.

Our next course will be announced.  If you wish to enroll in the Priority Male Institute, please fill out the application to your right.

Man-2-Man Mentoring Program
The Man-2-Man Mentoring Program matches Priority Male Initiative participants, who can benefit from the one-on-one support of positive male role models, with male mentors to help them navigate their journey toward manhood and create sustainable change in their lives.  Mentors are screened, provided mentoring/life skills training, and monitored by the CCMA to insure that appropriate support is provided to mentees.

Priority Male Job Squad
A foreclosure cleaning and general maintenance service has been developed to generate sustainable income for PMI students, graduates and affiliate members. Realty companies, property owners, financial institutions, and employers are invited to partner with the CCMA by offering part-time work and full-time employment opportunities.   
Counseling & Referral Center
The CCMA provides a free counseling and referral center to young males in the targeted age group.  Services include assessment, career and personal counseling, and referral to the PMI or other community resources and services.
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PMI Curriculum 2010-2011
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